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When to Inspect your Roof for Damage

No house is complete or strong without a roof. It also faces some of the most severe punishment from the elements. When you look at the current trend of rainfall and storms, this part of your house is set to receive even more abuse form the environmental forces. You will be left with holes, leaks, and indoor flooding. You, therefore, need to know how to tell when there has been water damage. Here are some of the signs that should get you acting fast.
Water stains are the simplest way of telling. The ceiling will have dark, circular spots. You get to understand there has been water damage that could allow water to pass through. The roof needs to be inspected at that point for the extent of the damage. Those signs tend to speak of broken shingles as the major problem.
When you see broken or missing shingles, you will know there is a problem. You can check around the house for any broken shingles. You may have to go up the roof to inspect the shingles closely. Rain water and wind tends to act on the shingles, making them loose over time. Do not ignore even one missing shingle, as that is enough for water to cause you huge problems. It is cheaper and faster to replace it than it is to replace the whole roof.
If you see shingle granules in the gutter, you need to worry. The more they are, the extensive the water damage you face. Rain will damage the shingles, as will the heat of the sun. It is important that you replace the granules before the singles are all but destroyed.
You also need to worry about soft wood decking. You can go up the roof and walk about, feeling for soft spots. You need to be careful you do not break those rotten pieces. Soft wood is a sign of rotting wood, not just water sipping through.
You need to also do something about a saggy ceiling. Water damage may not be the usual dark circular spots, but it can be as saggy sections with bubbles and curves. When nothing is done, the water collects to a point where it overwhelms the ceiling and floods the room.
Water leaks are a sign of the worst damage. In most cases, you will see water spots on the floor, which tells you to get ready for a replacement. The best thing is to prevent things from getting to that point.
These signs are best detected when there has been rainfall. Do not let the next rainy season find the roof in disrepair. You will discover more assistance when you call in the professionals, by visiting this site.