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Tips for Choosing an Improv Actor

Whether you are interested in a voice or improv actor, you need to know how to make the right pick. This will make your tv show or whatever you are creating more successful. To start with, you need to be sure that the improv actor will stick with you until the end of the project. People who quit on you without prior notice just because something else came up will disappoint you over and over again and this can be bad for business. Therefore, you need a confirmation that the improv actor will stick around to finish the project no matter what comes up. Insist on that if you don’t want to be frustrated in the process.

In addition, the improv actor has to be passionate about the work. It is not just enough for them to be invested in growing their acting career but also for them to be passionate about the project you are working on. It may not be the best gig they have ever got but it means a lot of you which should also mean a lot to them. The quality of their work shouldn’t be changing depending on the length or kind of project they are working on. They have to show consistency in putting forth their best performance and that is only possible if they care about the project they are working on and not the other ones they hope to get in the future.

In addition, it would be better if the improv actor has done the kind of performance you have at hand before. This means they will already know what is needed for the performance to come out best. It is hard to teach someone what has to be done when you don’t have a lot of time which is why hiring someone who has worked on such kind of project before will be much better. You won’t have to train them on what to do because they will already know what is needed. It not only saves you time and money but also ensures you are not frustrated in the process of doing your job. Thus, think about that when you are picking an improv actor.

Additionally, you need to get recommendations from people who are in your field about the improv actors they have worked with before and the kind of experiences they had. This is one of the best ways to weed out the ones who will end up disappointing you. On face value, everything might seem okay until the work begins and you realize you are not getting what you had hoped for. Therefore, think about that the next time you are making a decision on what to do. On the same note, you have to consider the rates of the improv actor. Those who have agents or managers will have you negotiate the rates with them but there are others who manage their own careers. Thus, come to an understanding on the rates before signing the contract because they are not usually uniform.

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