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Removing Dog Hair From Carpet

There are ways in which you can remove dog hair from your carpet if you decide that dog will be your pet and it will be staying with you inside your home something that is not easy to do unless you know all ways in which you can remove the hair from the carpet in the most effective way without destroying the carpet.

Use adhesive tape or lint roller to remove dog hair from your carpet in that if the hair of the dog is in small patches in your carpet lint roller do work best on small patches so use the lint roller to remove the hair from the carpet and if it is on a big area then you should use adhesive tape because it will remove all the hair at once without leaving any hair on your carpet. You can also try carpet raking because the carpet rake do have hard brushes that do pull up all grime and diet that is usually on the carpets so if you use it to remove the hairs of your dog from your carpet you can be sure of it pulling all the hair that will be compacted in the fibers of the carpet.

It is good to invest in high powered vacuums like the Dyson sell vacuums which are usually for pet carpet cleaning and are bag less in that it does not clog up with hairs on a regular basis when it is used to clean carpet, and also it ensures that all hairs are removed from the carpet. Using a sponge mop or wet cloth can also help you remove all the hairs of your dog from your carpet all you have to do is run the sponge mob which is wet on your carpet and it will make the hairs to clump up together into balls then you can Hoover the balls afterwards and for those areas that are small you can use the wet cloth by running it over the carpet and the same thing will happen just like using a sponge mop.

Using balloons is also part of the best ways of removing the hairs of your dog from your carpet this is because when balloons are pumped up then rubbed accord the carpet it will create static electricity which will help pull up the hairs from the carpet making the hairs to stick on the balloon-like glue hence removing the hairs from the carpet.