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Factor to Consider When Looking for Bond Compliance Services

The arbitrage rebate and bond compliance processes are quite complicate and difficult to comprehend. Many bond compliance service providers have come up to offer the clarity and peace of mind you need concerning these processes. In this article, you will gain insights into the factors to consider when choosing the right bond compliance service providers and the services they ought to offer.

You need to look for a service provider with unmatched services. Maintaining a compliant tax-exempt bond portfolio is stressful due to its complexity. The service provider of your choice should be willing to make the process more manageable. Preferable, choose a company that has dedicated a team of professionals to focus entirely on providing solutions to such complex questions. With such a company, you will have the guarantee of having better experiences and maximizing the value received from them. They should demonstrate to you how the team gives their clients responsive, professional, and solution-based services. The whole team should work towards ensuring all the clients’ needs are met in the most competent manner and on time.

Reliability is crucial. You should find a company that exhibits its enduring commitment to exceptional customer service. Most preferably, they should have offered their services over a long time. Choose a company that focuses beyond doing calculations and coming up with reports. The company of your choice should have team members who are accessible, responsive, and friendly. Furthermore, they should be willing to give effective education to their clients. Inquire on who makes up the team for the company. A company with CPAs, tax attorneys, and highly knowledgeable and experienced staff is more beneficial. Going for such a service provider will guarantee you calculations that are completed with unquestionable accuracy and completeness.

Choose a company that offers bond compliance training to their clients. A reliable company will have different bond compliance training materials which they use to conduct free and regular seminars in different areas. The service provider should have a focus on creating a program that can benefit all their client’s specific compliance needs. They should also have an interest in ensuring their clients remain compliant regardless of how complicated the regulations can be. A provider who offers such resources and training regularly and at no cost has an interest in increasing customer value.

You should research the expertise of the company’s team. The fact that bond compliance services require different skills means that the company will be made up of various professionals. Ensure that all members are adequately trained in their areas of specialization.

You should give priority to a provider who offers post-issuance monitoring and consulting services. When it comes to arbitrage compliance, it is quite challenging to monitor the most critical compliance dates and maintain proper documentation for all tax-exempt bond issues. The company of your choice should be accurate on post-issuance monitoring and offer their clients timely and precise notifications. They should also maintain pertinent bind records that are as per the arbitrage regulations. Furthermore, they should be willing to offer ongoing consulting services to their clients.

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