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Overview on Virtual Reality Therapy for Phobias

There is nothing as worrying as the fear of the unknown. Indeed there is no human being that does not fear. Each person has their own things or situation which cause them to fear. Unfortunately, some people are so compelled with fear that it becomes an issue whenever they are faced with anything or situation that triggers their phobia. Many types of phobia are commonly observed in people. It may be the fear of heights, darkness, blood, fire, water or injection. It is also possible to find those who have had very bad experiences in the past overwhelmed by memories of their past. Most of these people can be either victim of violence or war as it happens to military officers.

Constant phobias if not managed, can interrupt with a person’s social life. This is why the enlisting of the person into a phobia therapy center is the first step towards their treatment. Phobia therapists have the professional know-how in the analysis of a person’s phobia triggers and providing the necessary assistance. There are many techniques employed in the bid to treat phobia in different patients. There are circumstances where the patient is exposed to their phobia triggers while in some instances, the patients are given medications which assist in lowering their anxieties and calm their nerves.

Exposure therapy involves the exposing of an individual with some phobia to the thing or situation they dreadfully fear in a safe and controlled environment. This kind of exposure helps the patient to fight their fear in a gradual way that does not expose them to physical danger.

One of the most developed exposure therapy in most developed facilities today is the virtual reality therapy program. In this case, the patients are presented with simulations containing the patient’s worst fears. The patient is forced to face every event or thing that causes them to fear, and they have to withstand their presence or find ways of fighting the events. Ideally, there are images of the things that cause them phobia, and by facing them and successfully overcoming them in the virtual world, they are then exposed in the real world, and they face the real things. Successful overcoming or facing of the phobic situation is an indication that the patient has been able to master the way of facing the triggers of their fear and overcoming them.

It is worth to note that a virtual environment is in most cases, dependent on the patient’s memories. Audiovisuals and sound voices are incorporated in the virtual environment to make the circumstances that mimic the real situations that the victims might have experienced in the past.

Therapists are always in close proximity with the patients, and they closely communicate with them in a bid to find out how they are faring with the environment they find themselves in the virtual world. This kind of integration with the patients helps them to realize they are not alone in the fight against their phobias.

Virtual reality therapy is indeed a treatment that every individual with phobia needs to embrace to turn around their lives.

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