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Things you Need to Know About Yorkie and Morkie Dogs

Dogs are amazing pets and their popularity has increased so much. Everyone is going for a puppy as their pet. In this case, there are several people that are breeding dogs so to get a good breeder you need to be very keen. Yorkshire and morkie are amongst the popular dog breed that is being bought as pets. When buying these puppies, you should make sure that you buy from a reputable breeder for you to buy the right breed. Here are things you need to know about Yorkshire and morkie before you by them.

They need time and attention. You should give these puppies much attention and time. When you buy them, therefore, you need to stay close to them so that they can grow as good puppies. They are very friendly dogs and they will need to stay close to you at all times. What you need to understand about these puppies is that he is very temperamental so you need to be keen if you have children in the family.

Grooming and health. These types of dogs have hairs and to make sure that they are neat, you should keep brushing them every day so that their air will not tangle. To ensure that you will be able to keep them neat, you need to cut their hair since short hair will be easy to comp ad maintain. These dogs also need their health to well take care of so you have to ensure that they have their veterinarian and they need to be vaccinated regularly. When you own a Yorkie, you must be committed to taking care of it since it will need your attention for it to remain good-looking.

They are playful. Yorkie are very playful dogs so they keep on playing but they rest when they are tired. You will be required to keep them active since you are the one that they will play with. These dogs also love playing with other types of animals because of their active and friendly nature.

Yorkie puppies are small in size so they will not require occupying a lot of space. These types of dogs are meant to stay indoor but not outside the house so when you are preparing a place for their stay you must create a space inside your house for them. The good thing with them is that they are not big so they will not require too much space. These puppies should also be trained so that they can know how to live with people so be ready to spend more time and money on this.

These dogs can get injured easily since they are very playful and they are small hence very fragile. You should make sure that you call a veterinarian so that he or she can do check-ups occasionally so that you can keep these dogs healthy and live for long. They can get injured by children or other animals while they are playing so you need to keep an eye on these dogs for good health.

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