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What a DWI Lawyer Can Do for You and How to Find the Right One

Every year, millions of licensed drivers get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. We cannot dispute the fact that a DWI arrest can be quite stressful for any driver however, it is important to stay calm and face this situation as informed and prepared as possible. One way of easing the stress away is hiring an experienced DWI attorney. Under the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can judge whether to plead guilty or proceed to court. If the matter at hand is complicated, an experienced attorney is capable of helping you manoeuvre the complex legal system. DWI charges have the potential to ring your day-to-day life e.g. by affecting your driving privileges, affecting your employment and facing possible jail time. Read on to discover how to hire DUI attorneys and important factors to consider during your decision-making.

Your first step should be drafting a list of potential attorneys using the numerous resources at hand. Using State Bar Associations, national associations and personal recommendations you can begin creating a list of good attorneys to work with. You can start by soliciting personal recommendations from individuals you trust who have used attorneys’ services in the past. Additionally, you may ask for referral to a good criminal defence lawyer from an attorney you have worked with in the past. If you are shy about asking recommendations for attorneys from people you trust due to fears of how it may impact your professional and personal life, you may use resources such as the DUI defence associations and the national associations for criminal defence attorneys to maintain the privacy of your search. Once you have your list of potential attorneys, you can reach out to them directly or refer to their websites to discover more about them.

After conducting your preliminary search, it is now time to determine whether the attorneys selected are qualified for your case. Besides finding out each attorney’s educational background and their areas of specialisation, other areas you may look at include; whether they are licensed, their ethical record, the experience and training in handling DUI cases, whether the attorney attended law school, avoiding attorneys who have been disbarred and checking out their LinkedIn profiles. After making such considerations, it is time to select a few attorneys for in-person consultations. In-person consultations allow you to pick the attorney you feel most confident in. When selecting attorney, remember to weigh all the options on the table and determine how much you can afford and are capable of spending on your defence.

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