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Obtaining a Digital Marketing Certificate Online

According to statistics, the average American goes through twelve career shifts throughout their career years. Gone are the days where people only worked for a single job for the next 40 to 50 years of their lives. There are many reasons why people are changing jobs and switching careers more often than past workers used to do. The most common reasons include increased pay, job security, and self-fulfillment.

If you are looking for a career that offers you fulfillment and competitive pay, you should consider getting a career in digital marketing. If you want to learn the trends of digital marketing, you should know that there are many online courses you can find on the web. Now that you can get a digital marketing certificate online, you don’t need to go back to school.

The availability of online educational resources and tools make a shift in career easy than they were. The existence of online programs make it possible for you to pursue an education you want and learn the trends in digital marketing. When you get digital marketing certification online and not enroll in traditional universities, you will be saving a great deal of your money and time. What follows is a guide to getting digital marketing certification of your choice on the internet.

If you are wondering what makes digital marketing appealing, it would have to be the fact that the said type of business is becoming a trend. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, you should know that it is more than just posting on Instagram or Facebook. The digital marketing sector covers mobile marketing, digital analytics, content marketing, and the like. A digital marketing manager can earn an average of $65,488 and get more when they gain commissions and bonuses. You can switch to a digital marketing career with the right certifications. What makes digital marketing more interesting these days is the fact that you can learn the trends online without enrolling to your typical school. Some online certifications even require you only a few months to finish.

Google AdWords Certification: Google has a huge influence in the world of digital marketing, and you can get this certification from them. You can get this certification with the help of introductory and advanced classes. To get certified, you need to pass one fundamental and one advanced assessment from Google. You can learn the trends in Google from this certification.

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certificate: This is a free certification program for those who want to start a career in digital marketing. If you want to proceed to an advanced course, it will no longer be free as well as when you take the exam. This certification is ideal for those who want to home their skills and learn the trends in digital marketing.

Facebook Blueprint Certification: Facebook offers online courses for free with their crucial role in digital marketing. You can get these courses and choose to get a certificate as a Buying Professional or Planning Professional.