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Difference Between Immigration and Migration

Movement from one region or rather one country to another is regulated to help in keeping track. Most offenders may tend to run away from their home countries where they can be arrested to other regions where they cannot. Too much migration and immigration may lead to negative or positive changes to the economy. Immigration is mainly described as the state I n which people move from one country to another in which they are not natives. With human migration it is the movement of people from a place with the main intention of settlings.

With migration it can be external or internal. When an individual move from one country to another then they are regarded as immigrants. Immigration unlike migration require s more legal proceedings. Migration mainly involves movement from one region to another within the same geographical area. In most cases one can be granted the permission for immigration while in other times one can be denied.

Secondly, immigration is not always accepted with open arms. The fact that immigration is often optional makes it to have a lot of hindrances. With migration even when national borders are crossed deportation is not common especially when the people have run for safety. The fact that immigration is highly restricted in some regions especially to the rising levels of expatriates who compete with the natives of the country many people opt to use illegal means. Most people have been seen to embrace migration than immigration, it is easy to observe that refugees and internally displaced persons are welcomed with open hands more than illegal immigrants.

Thirdly, with immigration one needs to meet certain requirements. With immigration it is important to make sure that all the papers are in order. Meeting immigration bond requiring is very important especially when facing charges. With migration in most cases the people do not have the time or ways to fill in and met the immigration bond requirements as most the times the condition they are in are devastating and getting aid is the only thing the need at the moment.

With immigration it may involves groups of people but in most cases it inlves individuals looking for better living starts in most of the time with no genuine reason to leave their home countries. However with people involved with migration most may have no option and not be in a position to fill or even meet immigration bond requirements are there are there against their will.