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Teaching Kids to Read and Write

Many children have a problem with reading and writing. And this can be blamed on the fact that the digital era has brought too many devices that grab the attention of our children. However it is important to insist that reading and writing are the most important skills that a kid can have. Well if you has has been able to speak flawlessly then you should also introduce them to literally skills which will help them communicate in writing and reading. It is important because most of the information in the world will be written and your child needs to understand how to get that beat. Further the small children also need to understand how to relate with the devices they have. Speaking is not enough they need to read and write. In the following few minutes I will show you how you can teach your kids to read and write.

Create interest

Most people make a mistake or forcing kids to do things that they do not want. And the more you tell a kid to read when they don’t want them or you will be discouraging them from doing it. You might already realise that reading and writing as well as learning language is a psychological experience. Learning is so psychological that you can either turn it into a reward or punishment. When it is a punishment the kid will hate it because it is boring and the mind perceives it as pain. For example if you tell them to stop watching TV and their favourite cartoon so that they can go and read they will think that that is a punishment. From there they will head reading and that might be detrimental for the education system however what you need to do is to make them like to read and write. Example you need to use it as a reward system. Tell them a story and then give them a book so that they can finish reading the story from that book. Give them interesting picture books that makes them learn something new. This will create interest in the mind of the kid and they will always want to read and write.

Read by example -, yes, it’s correct!

You need to lead by example. If you want your kids to read then you must read also. Kids do not learn what you tell them to do but instead they copy you. You may realise that the mind of a kid wants to learn through apprenticeship. This means that the want to look at you and copy you. In most of the things that they do they are trying to imitate their parents. The caregiver must therefore be a good reader in the first place to be able to convince a kid to read and write. You need to have several books on your shelves and you need to make use of them quite often. When our kids issue reading they are likely to pick up a book and then start imitating you. Then have sessions with them so that you can teach them how to read like you. Do not be surprised when your child reads a book upside down because they don’t really understand. It’s just that they have interest to be like you and they are trying to imitate you. You need to guide them and show them how to hold a book and how to read.

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