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Informative Ways of Protecting Your Packages

You find that a single day cannot pass without hearing about a package being stolen. Besides, thieves are also becoming smart as they are finding better ways of stealing packages. For that matter, it will be necessary that you know how you can prevent this common. Discussed herein are some of the ways of protecting your package.

The best solution to ensure the safety of your package is to be where it is delivered. For instance, some people can send the package to their place of work or being home at the right time of delivery. Besides, you can have a friend or neighbor pick up the package can also work if you cannot make it at the delivery point. One thing that you should do is to get your package off the porch as soon as it arrives as this is the sure way of ensuring that is safe. You can as well opt for Amazon Key instead as this allows delivery people to put the package directly into your home and skip the mess.

The second thing is to understand the package thieves. It is essential to note that package theft is a little bit different from most other forms of residential threat. You find that people who involve in package theft are not hardened, burglars. The problem is that package thieves have developed ways of stealing packages. The other problem that makes the thieves see this as safe is that only one out of ten of them are being prosecuted. Because of that, you should be aware that these thieves will want to deal with these cases as soon as possible of which they prefer during the delivery. Apart from that, some will also follow the delivery trucks and move in immediately when the package is laid down.

Apart from that, you should beef up your porch pirate deterrence. Here you will have to keep the thieves from taking your package instead of depending on the police to track them down. You should know that deterrence includes clearly visible cameras, motion sensors and alarms. It is essential to note that most of the thieves will scatter if they know they are being watched. According to former burglars, the biggest deterrents are cameras and barking dogs. You find that when the dog is inside or sleeping the camera will be recording.

Besides, we have careful camera placement. Like we have doorbell cameras which give a wide shot of the entire porch making it hard for thieves to hide. We also have low angled cameras which are good for getting faces on tape while high ones can give an overview of the front yard.

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