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Essential Aspects of Sacred Geometry Classes

Have you ever wondered how the world and the entire universe came to be? It is a mystery how such perfection can be achieved. There are many explanations as to how the universe came to be the way it is. Christians have their holy book which is the Bible that gives an explanation of how God created the universe. The Muslims have their Quran that tells us how the world came to be. Hindus believe that different gods are responsible for specific things in the world and the universe. Buddhists and people of different religions have their own believes of how the universe came to be and who is the master mind behind all that. Scientists have developed different theories that give an explanation of how the universe and all that is in it came to be. They have theories like the big bang theory among many other theories that have been developed. But there are still flows in all these believes and theories because they fail to explain the tiny details that give a clear explanation of how the universe was created. In this article, you are going to learn more on sacred geometry and why taking sacred theory classes is vital.

Sacred geometry is a practice that deals with geometrical laws that create everything that exist in the universe. It takes into consideration things like spirituality, science, spirit, matter, the heart and the mind and unites them into one. Sacred geometry believes that the world is pure geometry. Whatever is found in the universe, including the universe itself, is made up of structures and patterns that are designed uniquely. Each created thing is believed to have a unique energy vibration and unique vibration frequencies.

In sacred geometry, it is believed that mathematical ratios, geometry, proportion and harmonics are present is light, cosmology, and light. Sacred geometry is considered the foundation to the construction of sacred things like mosques, temples, monuments, altars, tabernacles, sacred groves, divine proportions, among others. Some arts commonly utilized in sacred geometry are sand painting, medicinal wheels, and visualization. Sacred geometry is, therefore, the recognition of patterns, and the view of diverse religion based symbols and structures that include space, form, time, and so much more. Patterns in creation are seen as sacred in sacred geometry. An understanding of the sacred patterns can give you enlightenment on laws of the universe and how the universe came to be.

In modern times, science tries to understand sacred geometry. They can prove that sacred geometry and relevant mathematical patterns come from natural laws. Science also tries to show how these patterns reveals about the nature of the universe. There are various geometry forms that are used in sacred geometry. Some of them include the sphere, the sine wave, the 5 platonic solids, the vesica piscis, the golden spiral, the torus, the tesseract which is a cube with four dimensions, the merkaba which is 2 tetrahedrons that are interpenetrating and oriented oppositely. When attending sacred geometry class, you will be taught how different shapes can be made into the other. For example, how to square a circle. You will be taught trans-rational thinking.

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