5 Lessons Learned: Trees

Benefits of Tree Planting

People plant trees for different reasons. Some plant trees to enhance the aesthetic value while others for shades where they can relax. Read this article for more advantages of planting trees.

Planting trees is essential in strengthening the soil. Besides this, trees will maintain the soil moisture as well as improve its fertility. Where the trees drop their leaves on the soil surface, it helps in preventing moisture loss by lowering the temperature of the soil and the leaves will eventually decay and turn into manure which enriches the soil. At this point there will be raised microorganism activities causing aeration.

The erosion of the soil can be avoided by planting the trees. Where there is wind or heavy rainfall, soil erosion occurs due to the heavy drops from the sky. Where the water drops hit the open surface with a bigger magnitude, they carry away the soil. The top soil on the ground is carried out by the wind hence causing severe erosion on the soil surface. Where trees are planted, the soil is tightly held hence there is decreased soil erosion.

Where the trees have been planted there will be reduced rates of water pollution. It is evident that nitrogen and the phosphorous chemicals which happen to be poisonous are contained in water from the storms. The water goes directly into the water bodies in a case where there are no trees available. Where the aquatic animals are present, they can die due to poisoned by this chemicals. Planting trees will hold the contaminated water from entering these sources instead directs it into the soil by the assist of their roots.

Tree planting is also essential in cooling down the streets which could have otherwise been greatly affected by global warming. The trees planted are vital in curbing the poisonous gases in the streets as well as bringing a cooling effect which is against global warming conditions. With the high populations in the cities many people can be affected by this global warming which could result from tree removal and fixation of the asphalt highways. Presence of a lot of tall buildings in the cities will increase the chances for global warming.

Lastly, tree planting will lead to an improved natural conditioning of the air. Planting trees in strategic positions saves you the expense of fixing air conditioners in your building as they are able to regulate the air in a very natural way. Apart from air conditioning, you will realize that the trees planted in your home will remove all the unwanted gases from the air.

The Best Advice About Clearing I’ve Ever Written

The Best Advice About Clearing I’ve Ever Written