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Ways to Denounce Police Harassment

Nearly every day there are news reports in media narrating the unlawful arrest of many individuals by police in a coercive manner. The unlawful arrest often entails; harassment, money extortion, violence, and even murder sometimes. Therefore, this is a major challenge that can divide the society and betray the trust between people and country’s security forces. It is necessary for people and government to awake and stop the growth of police’ harassment, violence, and unlawful arrests. For the sake of peace and justice, this problem has to be addressed so as to rebuild what has been destroyed. The information below will discuss fighting the police offensive behaviors against the population.

It would be wrong to perceive that justice can easily be attained in the country with just one man’s efforts. The hope to achieve any set objective will be rational if only you have received the support from every concerned citizenry. Many people hate wrong and abusive police behaviors, and all those who hate them will be on your side if you stand for what they hate. Wherever people have experienced police harassment, you can be certain that they detest it. People will support you the moment you will stand to fight what bothers them, like police brutality. Through the unification of people peace and justice are made possible in many nations of the world. When two or three stands for a right cause they will shortly win the entire society’s support.

If you consider working with the media, so many people will know about your exercise and hence do the same in their regions. You will reach to those you could not reach to if you work with media in this movement. Very quickly news will be spread across the country and even beyond borders. Thus, you need to learn how to cooperate with media agencies.

Remember all this is to make peace but not to hate the police. In building peace, all concerned parties have to be present to the table of discussion. The cost of building peace requires such discipline. Thus, you need to address this problem in a decent and courteous way, to the government and to the police headquarters. Activists have to make sure that the question is understood in the government and that police individuals who use excessive power are reprimanded. Bearing in mind that policy abusive behaviors have resulted into wounds, loss of money, and trauma to the victims. If victims are compensated and if culprits are punished then a positive history is recorded.

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