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Factors To Consider When Choosing Industrial Safety Swing Gates

Industrial safety swing gates are ideal for controlled spaces because they restrict the movement of people and objects. Industrial swing gates are of different types. There is no size that is designed for all gates. The gates are different in terms of functionality. Read on to know what to consider when selecting industrial safety swing gates.

It is essential you know your reasons for installing the gate. You need to know the purpose of the gate. You will be able to narrow your search by knowing this information in advance. You need to consider the safety regulations. You may want to install swing gates to control access, as a fall protection or a warning for an upcoming hazard.

Different gates serve various applications. The difference may be in the type of lock found on the gate or the direction the door swings. Gates for fall protections need to be of a particular height. They need to meet the required standards such as having strong railings. You need to know your needs in advance for you to decide what to buy.

Also, give consideration to the location of the opening. The opening will help you swing gates with the most appropriate material. It is wise you select a swing gate made of steel for indoor purposes. It works well provided the environment is not exposed to humidity or corrosive material.

Steel is not the best material for outdoor swing gates because exposure to rain and humidity causes rusting. The best alternative for outdoors is galvanized steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Consider also the opening’s size. Different applications require different sizes. Single person gates means that at time only one person can use the gate. A two person gate is one that can be used by two people and is wider. Also, there is a pallet gate that is protected by a pallet when it opens.

How much you use the gate will also determine the swing gate to choose. A gate that is automatic is great for areas that are frequently used. This way your employees will not have to push it open when they pass through. However, swing gates that are not used so much don’t need automation. You need to make sure that you buy a swing gate that has been tested and meets the ANSI standards.

When choosing swing gates, you should give consideration to the safety requirements. OSHA requirements don’t exactly require safety gates to have a yellow color. However, yellow is the most preferred color. Whatever color you choose, pick one that is highly visible.

Your industry will determine the requirements you have to meet. Choose swing gates that have been tested and found to meet specific load requirements. It is important you hire a professional to do the installation.

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