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The Basics of A Marriage Dissolution

Studies have indicated that divorce is one of the causes of getting a heart attack. There are also higher rates of mortality, substance abuse and depression as a result. You will however witness that divorce experiences will in most cases be quite distinct. This process is often filled with pain and stress. This article seeks to expound on what is involved in this process.

Divorce is often categorized into two. It is imperative to point out that there is the fault and no-faulty divorce. The petitioner will often lay a claim that the partner is responsible for ruining the marriage if it is a fault divorce. Some of the common reasons will often include adultery and abandonment. With a no fault divorce, you will learn that no partner will be blamed for ending the marriage. A few of the causes of such a marriage dissolution will from time to time entail being separated for a relatively longer period of time and irreconcilable differences. It is necessary for you to keep in mind that a good number of regions are now considering running away from the fault divorce. It is not uncommon to find a number of regions requiring the partners to have lived separately for about two years before they can finally file for this marriage dissolution. Usually, the no fault marriage dissolution is much favorable to both parties as well as the children involved.

There are a number of agreement documents that you will be expected to commit to. You will learn that we have a separation agreement that is used to show various items that have to be taken care of before the divorce is finalized. This agreement is reached voluntarily by both partners. It is through this document that matters such as property division, child support and even parental responsibilities will be addressed. You will also have to fill the parental agreement. It usually indicates the parenting plan that both parties have chosen. This will often include the physical custody and visitation schedules. You will also be tasked with signing a number of divorce papers. Such will time and again include the petition to divorce, standard child support orders, parental responsibilities as well as the notice to stop child support.

You will then be expected to notify your partner. There will be a summon as well as a petition sent to the given party. You are also allowed to notify them through a newspaper notice. This partner has to respond as soon as they get the notification. Upon completion of the paperwork, you will have to wait for a court date to be set. An uncontested divorce case will often take lesser time to finalize.

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