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Jesus Christ’s Second Coming Is not Going to Happen Before the Last Trumpet

The New Testament mentions that Jesus Christ is not going to come for the second time before the last trumpet. A lot of people agree with such point, however, when is this last trumpet? Majority says that we won’t know unless it actually happens. Is there a different possibility? Which Scriptural references actually provide a more specific image, if any? Let us take a look at what the New Testament declares and let us make use of King James’ version of the Bible as it is what’s most readily accessible to many people. Let us also cite a few verses that specifically speak about Christ’s second coming in addition to the sounding of a trumpet, otherwise referenced the last trumpet.

A. In Matthew Chapter 24 verse 31, those who are alive when Jesus returns are going to see him coming down from heaven’s clouds. During this time, it is said that there is going to be a great trumpet sound, after which the angels are going to gather God’s people all together.

B. I Thessalonians Chapter 4 verses 14 to 17 talks of our Lord Jesus coming, coinciding with the sounding of God’s trumpet, after which the dead bodies of believers will be resurrected along with the rapture (or catching up) of Christians, who are alive, to welcome the Lord.

C. I Corinthians Chapter 15 verse 52 speaks of the “last” trumpet to be connected with the dead Christians’ resurrection together with the living believers’ transformation.

D. Revelation 8 speaks about the seven trumpets being sounded in sequence, with certain events, towards the end of time. This chapter says that the four angels are going to initially blow the respective trumpets that they have. The fifth as well as the sixth angels will then sound their trumpets according to Chapter 9. The seventh angel sounds the seventh trumpet in Revelation 11: 15. Very logically, this brings us to the conclusion that the ‘last trumpet’ is sounded by the seventh angel. This is not simply the “last” one being sounded in such series of seven trumpets sounded by seven angels, but it’s as well the trumpet to be sounded “last” in the whole Bible chronology.

The reason for emphasizing this is because many are teaching that the church’s rapture takes place in the early part of Revelation. One of their reasons is that the church is mentioned only past Chapter 4. At the same time, they believe that believers do not have to undergo the horrific tribulation as promised. Looking at the above passages, such logic is rather weak to use. Browsing through Revelation, what is noticeable is the horrible tribulation being described, which are of two types. First, the devil’s wrath is poured out over Israel as well as the church (Rev. 12 and Matthew Chapter 24 verses 21 to 31. The other one happens to be God’s wrath poured out on the world, or the bowls of wrath according to Revelation. Perhaps it is not the first that is promised for us to miss, but the second one.

Study Revelation Second Coming and find out for yourself. Line the passages up beside one another to examine how these harmonize together. Read the rest of the passages about the second coming and find out how they correspond with this observation on the last trumpet.

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