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Popular Insect Invasion Horror Films

It is evident that you will easily find bugs during the spring season particularly at night. It is certain that insects can be quite unpleasant to many people. You will find that there are various invasion films that can give you nightmares for long. It is necessary to mention that we have a number of top movies that you can choose in this regard. They will often comprise the following.

There is a film called THEM that debuted in 1954. It is among the inaugural nuclear monsters movies in the 50s. It involves an atomic bomb testing that ends up in mutating a colony of ants against radiation. These ants are out on a rampage here. You will note that two queen ants seek to set up new nests. Humans are tasked with trying to end the expansion of the colony. You will also note that there is THE FLY. It involves a man that ends up as a bug. This is one of the films that is reflective of the fact that science can end up south. It is characterized by a research scientist who comes up with a tele-pod that is purposed to send items form one place to another. However, there is a fly in this pod that creates chaos in the long run.

Then there is the WASP WOMAN that is about a cosmetics company owner. A serum is created from the enzymes of a queen wasp’s jelly to reverse the aging of the company owner. Being impatient with the results, she decides to steal extra doses. This turns out to be quite detrimental. You can also choose to go for MIMIC. It features cockroaches that carry fatal diseases. This disease was responsible for the killing of so many children in this film. Then there is THE BEES. Once you watch this movie, you will find it necessary to get these kits. This is a Mexican film that is pillared on deadly imported bees. These bees become intelligent and start attacking people.

You can also consider the BLACK SCORPION. It features giant scorpions that were initially believed to be extinct being released in the countryside. Two geologists take the responsibility of stopping these scorpions. THE SWARM also talks of bees that invade Texas. These bees attack and kill people in the cities. You will note that TICKS features a terrifying experience. The objective of the bees is to eliminate people and expand their colony. You will also find it valuable to watch the MOSQUITO film as well.